What do you do?

I enjoy shaping corporate communications, providing the voice for products and interacting with clients and customers. I’ve been fortunate enough to work  with a number of SMEs, each in a different capacity that mirrored my career ambitions at the time and satisfied my personal curiosity. I suppose working with so many young companies has instilled a passion for entrepreneurship in me, if you follow me for very long you'll notice I usually pursue several projects at once. I've recently begun managing email communications at Rheem and am loving the opportunity to hone my skills in that area and contribute to their global communications strategy.

My work in marketing and passion for technology have led to something of a specialization in marketing automation. I enjoy finding ways to leverage the latest tools and programs to personalize our messaging and reach customers at the right time in their journey.

What inspires you?

I realized one of my dreams in 2014 and went to Europe. I spent 8 months exploring the continent, both its geography and its cultures and peoples. For my journeys there, I was based out of Maastricht, a small city in the Limburg province of the Netherlands. After completing my spring studies, I worked at a hostel in Barcelona during the summer. Although I must credit my parents with sparking my passion for travel, my time in Europe fanned those flames to new heights. Much of my writing since has been influenced by my time there and the people I met.

I love music. I play guitar pretty regularly. I play piano when I visit my parents or well-provisioned airports and subways. I used to play French horn. I sing most afternooons during my commute home. I listen to latin pop and instrumental music (preferably cello, sometimes EDM) when I need to focus. I listen to classic rock, alt rock, and indie when I'm not set on producing art.

Did I miss anything?

What else? Well, I enjoy being outside, I find hiking and backpacking terribly relaxing and at times spiritually refreshing. I enjoy fishing and hunting now and again and support a few conservation groups which protect the areas I enjoy exploring. I love music and play piano casually. I am teaching myself guitar, although I gave up on being a rock star years ago. Finally, I love books and have recently been investing time writing. This site is one of many places I've recently begun to bleed ink.

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