As from a Spark

I find myself feeling burnt, scorched to the bone

yet, not depleted, but rather reborn

as a phoenix a new form becomes my form

I metamorphose and expand as the light from a spark

I find myself becoming an inferno

Within the cavity of my living corpse

a flame erupts and pours forth

fire reflected within my gaze

a bright intellect, and sparkling curiosity

a warm embrace

radiant skin and shimmering hair

living without care

for to live

is my only care

I feed upon the frustration

bottled up and distilled

of so many dreams unfulfilled

not even pursued

but rather left to drift away

as on a tranquil sea

passing by so languidly

within reach, yet I unwilling to swim

imprisoned on the beach

Yet as any other day

the sun arose and then

as on no day before

decided to live, to endeavor

chose to explore

to chase and thrill

and in the holy hunt

to shed the carapace

which had contained by

unholy hinderance

the potential, the destiny

of my divine flame

had quelled and silenced

the aspirations with which

with which I railed and cried

against my self-imposed confinement