Boston Bound

Well, I'm on the road again. Landed in Boston just before midnight.

I had a laugh driving past the 4-600 dollar/night hotels just adjacent to the Boston Commons, only a block later I was at my hostel--where I'm paying $40/night, a significant 10X cheaper. Oh, by the way, my temporary residence is already helping me meet new people and plan some activities to fill my free time. The usual, a pub crawl through historic locations in the city, a visit to a local coffee roaster (my current location), and some museums tomorrow morning.

I walked about a mile south from Chinatown this morning. Didn't get the impression of tremendous wealth walking down Washington. Yet, there was something cozy about the brownstone buildings, the dog parks, the cathedral. It has character. The city certainly has a bit more history, it helps not to be razed by soldiers.

Once the caffeine kicks in, I'll walk about a block to a little bakery I passed on the way here, grab lunch, and then trek back to the commons. I don't really care to do a ton of sightseeing on this trip. Usually I would, but I'm familiar with most of the history here. It isn't my first time in the city. I'd rather write. I'd rather rest and recharge before the week ahead.

I'm here to attend Inbound. An annual marketing conference hosted by Hubspot, purveyors of a marketing automation package by the same name. Of course, for a conference of this magnitude, it won't just be them speaking. There'll be the entertainers, Leslie Odom Jr., Sarah Silverman, Amy Wong, a Mister Baldwin. Then there are the marketing folks, they'll be representing Hubspot, Unbounce, Outbrain, Influitive, Moz--those are the ones I'll see anyway, there are about 150 others.

Safe to say I'm psyched. Like, I'm not quite shaking (apart from the caffeine), but I'm extremely excited for the week ahead. It's my first conference, can you tell? You see, I've been following most of the people I'll see on stage soon for a year, or two, or three and it's really cool to thing that in a couple days I'll be listening to the people whose words I've been reading for all this time.

Of course, Boston is a cool city in it's own right. This isn't Vegas. There are actually things I'll enjoy doing here. The bars, restaurants, parks, buildings--they all have a story. There isn't a block of concrete here with a blank past.

Anyway, that's enough for now. I'm going to switch to pen and paper for a bit. Bleed some ink and scrawl out some thoughts.

P.S. The picture has nothing to do with Boston. It just made me feel something about the same as walking by the brownstone buildings.