Bring Them to Church

Preaching to Your Prospects

I had the privilege yesterday evening of listening to Clyde Tuggle perform a short speech.

His words weren't what I found fascinating, but rather the way he presented them. It felt like a sermon. Now that probably has something to do with his studies at Yale Divinity, but it was a remarkable thing. And wouldn't it be remarkable if you spoke in a way that mesmerized your prospects such they had a religious experience.

I believe that moment of revelation is akin to the "Aha!" moment we've all experienced in a difficult class at one time or another and similar to the feeling of electricity shared between young lovers.

So, the question here is how to make your prospects feel that way.

Well, I think a good place to start is with having a little faith yourself. You need to believe in your product, in the service you offer, in the change you can bring about in the lives of your clients. Your marketing and sales need to be evangelical, you need to speak with the conviction and friendliness of a Mormon missionary. You need to have a belief in your business that stops just short of being blinding.

If you're having trouble approaching sales and marketing in this way, take a moment to reflect on the myriad ways you make your clients lives better, the increase in their quality of life that results from working with you. Perhaps you provide them better options or cheaper options or better service or better quality, any of these things could reduce their stress or the financial burden they were planning for and expecting.

Once you have reflected on this and worked out how to articulate the impact you can have in their lives, communicating the good that comes from working with you is a simple matter. As you speak (or email or tweet...) with your clients, you simply listen as they explain the way they see the world and then you speak and paint a picture of what it could look like. You share your faith in what a big difference the little things you offer can make.