I Love Fall

Yep, it's my favorite season. That's really all I feel like writing about right now.

You see, fall brings together brisk weather with warm food. Hearty chilis. Warm mugs of cider and cocoa. Pies and turkey and cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving. Tailgating before football games with friends.

I just bought my first gallon of cider for the season. For me it reminds me of my grandfather's orchard, of pressing the apples and straining them, freezing them down and sipping on dark, rich, apple juice.

The cold snap in the air means that I'll be able to wear a coat comfortably again soon. It means I won't start sweating during the walk between my car and the AC wherever I'm going.

Other people seem more relaxed in the fall, the humidity and heat of summer no longer an immediate concern. 

Due to the perfect weather, people get out more--it's park season again. Georgia is blessed with a number of parks, even around Atlanta there are quite a few places to get lost in the wilderness.

Light is better for photography, not as harsh as the southern summer sun.

Women dress with a bit more sophistication than in the summer, something I appreciate more than cutoff jeans.

Dogs not bred for our climate are happier and not continuously panting as they battle the heat.