Impressions from the Road

Impressionism explores light, the passage of time, the human journey from life to death. It depicts this journey in vivid color and imagery that has a distorted quality--it isn't high-def.

I find that a great metaphor for the brief insights we get while traveling. Insights that reflect the truth of a place, it's people, their way of life and yet insights that are watery and unresolved, somewhat distorted by the experiences we each carry with us.

And yet, somehow all of those distorted experiences help us form a clearer picture of who we are, of our place in the world. It's as though each experience abroad strips away a layer of opacity between us and a clarity of self. Our exposure to the filters other see through allows us to remove one set of biases after another, slowly stripping away the many that we carry.

It is the purpose, I believe, to explore not only the many places and peoples of the world in our quest to savor new experiences, but also to explore the world within ourselves. I believe that through such introspection we find a far more beautiful landscape than can be visited in any corner of the globe and eventually become our most natural selves, unencumbered of the many pretenses and misconceptions and insecurities that we each bear.