Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. -M.W.

How true.

Of the things I've struggled with recently this is certainly toward the top of the list.

It isn't a natural thing to be ambitious, to pursue ever greater challenges. It is natural to survive, to play it safe. It is natural to live a quiet life, reproduce and then, eventually, to die. Yet, we also have a competing drive for human connection, recognition, purpose, legacy. I believe it is to this facet of our existence which we must turn and draw strength if we are to accomplish great things.

I have found that by repeatedly depriving myself of comfort, I can force myself to overcome challenges. For instance, if I direct 30% of my income into accounts I can't touch or sign a lease for an apartment I can't yet afford I force myself to work harder and create more value in other areas. My doing this repeatedly, I force myself to continue increasing my income. Of course, the rule with all of this is that I forbid myself from assuming debt to pay for comfort, whether that be clothes or rent or food. The only acceptable use of debt is to acquire an appreciating asset, to leverage the debt and create something of value.

I find a resistance within myself when I sit to write. I circumvent the task at hand by finding meaningless shows to watch, by finding interesting things to read, by feigning productivity in other areas. Yet, once I begin writing I am not blocked, I enjoy it thoroughly, I do it well. It is my hope that by writing consistently I will find it easier in time. I am sensitive to my monthly expenses, by tying my writing to an expense (such as hosting a blog) I find it harder to ignore. It is easier to overcome my resistance to the work when refusing to write makes me feel fiscally irresponsible. I know it's a rather convoluted carrot and stick approach, but it seems to work better than other things I've tried such as a 30 day writing challenge.