Signal Lost

We all have rough days. We go through periods where we just feel worthless, as though we don't have a purpose. We sign-off at 5 or 5:30 or 6PM and trudge home.

How do you recharge?

Sometimes I think the best way is to get completely off-the-grid. For a day-to-day recharge, music, reading, maybe a movie. But for that once a quarter I-really-need-some-personal-time purge, my answer is nature. To go deep into the woods.

Well, this past weekend I went backpacking. I bet myself up a bit. My friends and I trekked in about 10 miles uphill, were swarmed by hornets about a mile and a half into it. Most of the crew ran out of water after the first day. Half the crew was out of shape, or at least not conditioned for this sort of exertion. My body is still healing, stings are still swollen, knees ache. But I feel recharged today.

At the same time I'm healing from that trail, I'm getting ready for a trip, I'm dealing with a non-standard project at work, and handling the standard dose of personal stuff.

So what's a guy to do? I can't run into the woods every weekend. Yet, when I close my eyes I can go back to that campsite. I can remember the stories we told, the laughter of my friends, the smell of pine and the calming light of the stars in a clear sky. I can rest within the glade I remember. I can recharge and focus.