Snowed In

You may at times find yourself feeling as though you've plateaued in life, or perhaps as though you've reached your destination and don't know what to do with the time you have left. I certainly have.

There have been times in my life of marked achievement, they are frequently followed by a feeling of emptiness. I reflect to myself, "Well, now I'm here. My goal has been accomplished." In my experience, I have begun to discover a solution to this feeling--keep moving. Have multiple goals that are predetermined. When you find yourself at the end of one project, just keep working and start the next project on the list. Then when you've begun to make progress, take a breath and look back. Breathe deeply and appreciate the distance you've covered and the monuments you've left in your wake.

The same principle applies to feeling as though you've hit a wall, but with a twist. When you cave and are defeated by a lack of progress in a certain direction, overcome your lack of momentum by choosing a slightly different heading to pursue in order to build speed. For instance, if you are trying to lose weight and after some success in the gym just find yourself maintaining an equilibrium from week-to-week, you may find that focusing on nutrition instead of exercise for a month allows you to feel a sense of progress and later reattack exercise with renewed devotion. To expand on this, the resistance to writing so frequently characterized as a block is fairly easy to overcome if you change the way you attack it. If you want to write beautiful poetry, start by writing a diary or letters to friends, try recording yourself speaking and transcribing your imaginary conversation. Approach your work as a fighter who spars with a different partner each day.

Most importantly, you need to be present in your arena. Dedicate yourself to progress and keep hacking away at your goal, at the completion of your project. Trust one or two confidants to share in your vision, tell them exactly what you are aiming to accomplish. Challenge them to create goals as well so that you can hold each other accountable. Put substantial stakes on the realization of your intended goal. The fear of loss and admitting defeat publicly will drive you to continue through many hurdles.