Some Things Take Time

What do you want to be when you grow up?

At my age people don't ask that anymore, they simply ask what I do. In a way, that assumes that I've satisfied my aspirations, that I'm done growing. But I'm not.

So in my case, I'd like to find a way to further combine the things I love; travel, writing, music. That's why I write here and in other places about a variety of topics, I want to hone that skill. My ability to travel is limited somewhat by my concept of wealth. You see, I don't particularly enjoy work in the service sector, I'd rather write or consult with businesses. So, creating those revenue streams has to come before globetrotting for me. I know many people who travel and find work along the way or once they've arrived at their destination, but that isn't going to be my approach.

Financially, I'd like money to cease being a concern. Currently, I am tackling that goal by investing in stocks and several digital currencies. Moving forward, I plan to expand my investments to include consumer credit and real estate. I am also working toward publishing and monetizing some of my writing.

I have other self-improvement goals, meditation, fitness, diet; but in a way they're all secondary right now. I am focused primarily on increasing my financial freedom.

I'm young and single, so it's a great time for me to focus on work, on creating art, and on honing my abilities and talents.

What does success look like for me in 2017? Published author. Be that online or in print, my primary objective this year is to get my writing out there.

It's time to begin.