The Rested Writer

So what's goin' on today?

Just writing, still relishing a fantastic breakfast thanks to Mike and Patty's. I had the torta, which was both substantial and tasty. The coffee was great too. I just wish they'd had enough space to sprawl out and enjoy the atmosphere a while.

After that, it was back to writing for a bit.

Then lunch. Question: Does anyone actually eat oxtail soup or do we all just sip on the broth? I don't get it. I've tried a lot of weird dishes, but the bits of bone mixed in with the tough ginseng roots were simply too much.

Anyway, lunch and now back to writing. I wish I could have another day or two of this. It's not that I don't want to work tomorrow, it's just that I feel I could use a little more R&R and I'm loving the chill atmosphere around the hostel. I've been able to write almost continuously for a day and a half now, that's really cool on its own, but they also happen to be better quality posts.

I'm really enjoying Boston. The city has character, the food is good, the weather isn't awful. I realize that's a bit of a backhanded compliment, but I'd expected November to be less pleasant this far north. I'm loving all the little coffee shops, I'm loving both that they exist and that I can walk to them easily.

I'm looking forward to some real Italian food tomorrow or the day after. I've enjoyed being in Chinatown, a little bubble of international flavor in the midst of a deeply rooted American city. The other guests here at the hostel are all agreeable. The staff is competent. The amenities are more than I'd expected for the price of the beds. All-in-all things are going well, just dandy.