The Traveler's Awakening

It's pretty darn hard not to love travel.

Even going to middle of nowhere locations has a certain thrill to it, but visiting a city like Boston is simply a treat.

There are the people. The exuberant travelers who are also guests here. They're excited to be in Boston as part of a round-the-country tour, or as they start a new job here, or as they escape from something in a previous life on a previous continent.

There's the change of pace. There isn't a better way to get out of a rut than to completely leave your old places behind. Our routines our connected to our locations and travel is an easy way to reset habits or at least step back and evaluate them.

Then there are scores of other little things, the flavors and smells of a different place, experiences that open you up to seeing things just a little bit differently. Even after I return from a trip, I still feel as though I'm seeing things differently for some time after my return. It's as though my sight becomes clouded over time and travel strips the fog away.

The secondary impact of this awakening is that I experience a renewed clarity and vigor in my work and in other creative endeavors. I can tackle problems while feeling sharper, more astute.